Global ingredients manufacturer, multi-assignment search process

The challenge.

Our client, a global B2B ingredients manufacturer, faced a crucial task – adding two pivotal roles to their global commercial structures. First, they needed a Global Business Unit Head for a highly niche and specialised product group, requiring extensive knowledge in that area. Additionally, they sought to create a new Global Head of Applied Innovation position, again demanding specific category expertise and experience.

While the roles were well-defined, no job descriptions had been constructed, and the positions remained ungraded. Promoting diversity and inclusion within their senior leadership ranks was a top priority for the client, but they were equally committed to appointing the ideal candidates for these roles. The client had potential internal candidates within their global network, necessitating a solution to benchmark them against external talent. Furthermore, as a B2B organisation, the client was uncertain about their employer brand’s visibility in the market.

Process management had also been a challenge, with the HR leadership acknowledging that slow decision-making had led to losing candidates in the past. Consequently, they sought to explore a partnership with a global talent solutions provider.

The solution.

To address these multifaceted challenges, CHI proposed a tailored retained search approach, crafted specifically for this client and project.

Our solution encompassed:

  • In-depth briefing meetings to construct initial job descriptions and person specifications for the client
  • Liaison with internal HR teams to facilitate external and internal advertising, as well as comprehensive candidate management throughout the process
  • A highly targeted global market mapping and headhunting strategy, aligning with the client’s needs and expertise in the B2B ingredients market
  • Design of specific screening criteria and standardised questions for both internal and external applicants
  • Creation of a bespoke candidate pack to enhance the client’s employer brand awareness among potential candidates
  • Presentation of a shortlist to the client, accompanied by specific recommendations
  • Arrangement and logistical support for all interview stages, in collaboration with the client’s internal HR team
  • Constructive feedback provided to all candidates throughout the process
  • Comprehensive search analytics, including a breakdown of target companies, ethnicity, and gender diversity, to inform the client’s HR strategies and broaden the candidate pool if needed
  • Offer management between the successful candidates and the client, as well as onboarding support

The result.

Our tailored approach yielded remarkable results:

  • Two successful placements for the Global Business Unit Head and Global Head of Applied Innovation roles
  • CHI was added to the client’s Preferred Supplier List for senior and executive talent partnerships
  • Further discussions and an upcoming retainer for a third position within the organisation

Through our comprehensive solution and collaborative approach, CHI effectively addressed the client’s unique challenges, delivering exceptional talent while promoting diversity and upholding confidentiality in the hiring process.