Global digital inkjet business, Service and Installation Manager, North America

The challenge.

Chad Harrison International (CHI) was retained by a US-based subsidiary of one of the world’s leading global digital inkjet businesses. The company was looking to appoint a Service and Installation Manager to support its North American operations. Due to the historical approach employed when carrying out internal recruitment, the hiring manager, who was also new to the company, was facing a real challenge attracting the right talent to the business whilst also trying to embed herself into a new company with a different culture and processes.

The solution.

Following extensive discussions with the hiring manager regarding the challenges they’d been facing, most of which were caused by engaging a local generalist recruiter, CHI proposed a retained search approach. Our sector specialists operate solely within their industry verticals, in this case, print and multichannel marketing, and so have extensive knowledge about trends and issues that are happening in the candidate market within the industry. They are also equipped with a wide-reaching network of the sector’s best talent and a proven track record of successfully delivering similar assignments.

CHI searched for a high-quality, technical-minded individual who is both innovative and efficiency-driven. CHI combined its extensive network and proprietary sourcing tools with a customised and unique outreach campaign, which helped to rapidly identify a pool of relevant candidates. This talent pool was pre-screened to ensure CHI only presented candidates that possessed the prerequisites to be a successful hire. This saves time and resource for all involved; us, the recruiter, and the hiring company. Within days of commencing a targeted headhunt based on credentials, salary requirements and motivations, a candidate from a direct background was identified and shared with the hiring manager.

The result.

Having submitted one standout candidate for consideration, CHI received an instant response regarding the individual’s suitability, and a first-stage video interview followed within days. Feedback from the client was exceptional; a second-stage interview was arranged. Following a site tour visit in which the candidate spent a day exploring the business and spending time with the company’s leadership team, an offer was made to the standalone candidate. CHI handled the offer presentation and negotiation stage to facilitate the smooth onboarding of the desired candidate. Their experience fit all the relevant skill sets our client required, as well as being an excellent cultural fit with the business.

This placement, amongst others, has led to a close-knit working relationship between CHI and the client, and we are now in talks with the wider group to support their recruitment and staffing requirements moving forward.