Global cement company, Plant Manager, North America

The challenge.

Our client, a global leader in the cement manufacturing industry, had a critical requirement for a Cement Plant Manager at one of their flagship facilities in North America. However, they faced a unique challenge – the need for utmost confidentiality throughout the hiring process. They were unable to publicly advertise the company name, plant location, or any identifying details due to the sensitive nature of the role and potential competitive implications. The client needed a strategic partner who could navigate this complexity while ensuring a successful outcome.

The solution.

Chad Harrison International (CHI) proposed a comprehensive and discreet solution tailored to the client’s unique needs. The approach cantered around creating a extensive database of potential candidates who possessed the requisite technical expertise, leadership qualities, and a willingness to relocate to the region.

The CHI team embarked on a multi-faceted process:

  • Detailed briefing – Conducting in-depth discussions with the client to understand the precise technical skills, personality traits, and leadership competencies required for the Cement Plant Manager role.
  • Global talent mapping – Leveraging advanced technology and CHI’s extensive global network, the team mapped over 250 Cement Plant Managers, Assistant Plant Managers, and Production Managers with cement industry experience across North America and the Rest of the World. This longlist was meticulously populated with up-to-date contact information.
  • Discreet candidate engagement – Each potential candidate on the longlist was approached confidentially to gauge their current status, interest level, and suitability for the role. CHI’s consultants relied on their expertise and credibility to build trust and assure candidates of the opportunity’s legitimacy, despite the client’s anonymity.
  • Securing candidate buy-in – Through transparent communication and a proven track record of successful placements, CHI gained the commitment of qualified candidates to be included in a shortlist for an unknown client and location.
  • Shortlist presentation – A carefully curated shortlist of candidates who met the client’s stringent criteria was presented, preserving confidentiality.
  • Comprehensive interview management – As candidates progressed through the client’s extensive 6-stage interview process, CHI provided meticulous support and guidance. This included managing candidate expectations, addressing concerns, and ensuring maximum engagement despite the moving timeframes and evolving details.
  • Stakeholder coordination – CHI facilitated seamless communication and coordination between the client’s key stakeholders involved in the intensive interview process, ensuring a cohesive and efficient experience.

The result.

Through our discreet, strategic approach and unwavering commitment to the client’s needs, an exceptional international candidate from outside the North American region was successfully placed as the Cement Plant Manager. This outcome not only fulfilled the client’s stringent requirements but also preserved the confidentiality deemed essential for this critical hire.

Our expertise in navigating complex, confidential searches, combined with our global reach and candidate management capabilities, proved invaluable in delivering a successful outcome for our client.