Career transitioning to support NetZero

The International Energy Agency (IEA) has calculated that in a full net-zero clean energy transition, the estimated quantity of jobs gained and lost would more than double across almost all sectors, with a net addition of 22.7 million new jobs.

As Professional Recruiters in this arena, Chad Harrison’s Future Mobility and Energy practices have noticed the increase in demand for headcount across all business areas. This is a clear indicator of what the future requirements will be as the industry transitions into a net-zero world.

As a point of note, clean energy spending committed by Governments in response to the Covid-19 pandemic has surged to over $710 billion since late October last year.

It is clear the job shifts required to support the climate change pledges of 2021 will result in job losses in the fossil fuel and Internal Combustion Engine arena. With an estimated over 2 billion ICE in use today, the move away from these outdated technologies has to happen if we are to keep to the goals set by policymakers.

In real terms, this means anyone currently working as an engineer or employee in ICE development, transmissions, and fossil fuels should be considering a transition away from these ageing arenas and into roles within clean energy and zero-emissions transportation.

Certainly, we are already seeing a radical rethink of opportunities, especially in engineering, there is a clear move toward companies specialising in batteries and software. Indeed, IoT is indelibly linked to this new world of clean energy and future mobility.

We are talking about new roles in batteries, fuel cell design, battery packs, EV performance and development, and R&D. There are many emerging companies that desperately need specific skillsets and the pool of skilled employees is not increasing at the same rate.

By the end of Q4 2021, venture investors raised $97.78 billion for mobility tech start-ups. This will continue and increase over the next five years and beyond.

We’re actively hiring and filling roles within this space. If you’re looking for your next challenge or you’re a company looking to hire, we’re here to help. Please contact our Future Mobility Associate Director, Jayne Hood, who will be happy to help.

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