In the current business climate of big data, fast paced markets and a lot of visual and auditory noise, it is no wonder that brands become easily lost. We all know the major B2C brands like Coca Cola, Pepsico, Apple, Audi, BMW and more and some of us are even aware major B2B brands such as Johnson Controls, IBM, Microsoft, UPS and ExxonMobil. The marketplaces these brands operate in are saturated, so, how do the SME’s and start-ups compete for brand recognition in the war for talent. Developing a strong brand strategy could be the answer.

Marketing and HR are key stakeholders in the development of a strong brand attraction strategy involving the well-treaded heel of social media, job boards, white papers and more. However, external support from brand managers, social media managers, copywriters, recruitment consultancies and search consultancies, can be equally as important and sometimes, more cost effective than other solutions.

Both marketing and HR are key stakeholders in the development of brand attraction strategies, and search consultancies are typically engaged by companies for one reason, attracting the top talent in the industry and utilising assessment strategies to select the successful candidate or candidates. Many companies, however, may not realise the potential and the power of partnering with and developing their brand strategy with their chosen search consultancy. As a front line, first point of call, for a number of brands especially those within the B2B industries looking to branch out from their niche market and attract a broader talent pool, or those SME’s or start-ups with little or no brand recognition, the search consultancy is the key brand ambassador or could even be the only way the brand is represented.

As an example, one of our first questions when approaching a potential candidate in the marketplace is to ask “who would you want to and who would you not want to work for?” Not being mentioned at all can sometimes be worse than the latter. The old saying, “any publicity is good publicity” can often still be the case in talent acquisition, however, a more positive approach should be the objective.

How an executive search consultancy can help build brand awareness

A well chosen, well-integrated search consultancy with the commitment to support and promote the brand can be the difference between a successful strategy or a weak approach to attraction per position. Consultancies have a number of options available to clients to support the company brand strategy. Keep in mind, a consultancy consists typically of experienced search consultants and researchers communicating daily with masses of relevant candidates, whether that’s about your opportunity or not. This is an opportunity for your consultant to be your brand ambassador however, it is the responsibility of the company to manage that relationship and ensure their brand is being represented in the market appropriately. This is an opportunity to promote your brand.

5 top tips to get the most out of your chosen consultancy in attracting talent through your brand:

Dual branding with a reputable consultancy within your specialism
Engaging the consultancy in developing the strategy or inviting input for consideration
Monitoring the effectiveness of campaigns together with the consultancy
Engaging the consultancy to conduct a global, regional or local talent brand assessment
Understanding and communicating your objective and strategy together with the consultancy.

For a more detailed conversation about the role your consultant can play as your brand ambassador for talent acquisition, please contact our Chad Harrison International team on +44 151 665 0250 or visit our executive search website.