Talent Mapping is a strategic service that is used by businesses to plan for short, medium and long term talent acquisition.

Chad Harrison International has successfully delivered Talent Mapping and Talent Pipelining solutions to leading organisations in the industries that we operate in. A business with the right Talent Mapping strategy can take a proactive approach in finding the right people, rather than sitting back and waiting for people to find them.


To attract talent today, companies must ensure that all potential candidates enjoy positive experiences with their brand. Well executed Talent Mapping builds better employer branding by engaging with the right people in a meaningful way. The ultimate aim of the external talent mapping for many of our clients is the building of a Talent Pipeline. This allows our clients to make several strategic hires from a ready pool of talent over a longer period, as and when the need arises.

Talent Mapping

The research and delivery of a comprehensive Talent Map of the agreed target with a clear objective.

Talent Pipelining

The delivery of a Talent Map with a heightened level of engagement and/or assessment of the talent pool – with management through to the point of hiring.

This method recognises that identifying candidates for multiple potential vacancies requires a large pool of candidates. In partnership with Chad Harrison International, those engaged during the Talent Mapping project are regularly contacted over several months and years, meaning that when an immediate need arises, the consultant is not solely reliant on building new relationships or selling the opportunity to the market.

In addition to the delivery of a Talent Map or Talent Pipeline, our clients see the benefit of the market intelligence gathered.

Market Intelligence

This can include comparisons with competitors:

Organisational Structure of Business

Compensation and Benefits

Diversity Balance of Team

Training and Development Strategies

We recommend the Talent Mapping and Talent Pipelining solution for:

• Skills shortage roles and markets
• High competition for talent
• New market penetration
• Competitor market intelligence
• Succession planning and talent development
• Reducing time to hire
• External brand building
• Gaining feedback on your reputation or brand
• High-level assessment of candidates

Talent Pipeline



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