Our qualified Assessors and Consultants have worked with some of the leading companies worldwide to transform their leadership teams through bespoke Leadership Capability Assessments.

We work in partnership with existing and new clients to design a process which will provide evidence-based judgements on their internal teams. Typically, our client is experiencing a transformation or change which is driving the need to understand the capability and future potential of a specific population of its workforce – which is usually at leadership level.

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Chad Harrison International has a range of proprietary tools used to measure capability, which can be combined with psychometric assessments (Saville Assessment and Hogan Development Survey) to create bespoke reports on the selected participants. We have been engaged in projects large and small, from the Leadership Assessment of a board or executive committee, through to a global transformation involving leaders at varying levels within a function.

We recommend the Leadership Capability Assessment solution for:

Succession Concerns

Reorganisation of Leadership Structures

Transformation, Change or Growth

Necessary Reductions in Headcount

and Acquisitions

There is no ‘one size fits’ all solution because each client arrives at this need with a unique set of requirements. Often, the client is aiming to define or re-align its leadership to core company or mission-critical behaviours, therefore the very bespoke requirement requires a tailored solution.

Chad Harrison has delivered such projects with the aim of creating development action plans to support its clients’ leaders in their journey towards embracing and exhibiting the desired behaviours. Sometimes, assessments are used to inform the client as to who, from within a leadership population, fits the direction the business is going in, and who will be better suited elsewhere. The evidence gleaned by our assessors is completely objective and will inform the client’s decisions on promotion, investment of
resources, succession etc. In some cases, the results will provide an independent case to make a change.



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